Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thailand/China/America update

The last few weeks we as a couple have been EVERYWHERE!
Oliver spent the last few weeks up, around, and through China, while I went back to the states to spend time with my sister in her last weeks of pregnancy and put on what we called a 'justice event'!
 Oliver will update himself on how China went, but as to my time in the States, it was incredible!
I did not get to see everyone I wanted to see by a landslide, but what I did get was lots of time with my family. I don't think I had had that much concentrated family time in a long time, and I loved (almost) every minute of it!
 There are downsides of going to the states though, it reminds me of the things/people I give up to be out here doing what we do. I must be easily distracted because it's only once in a while I have a really sad day of missing my family, hanging out with the, and living 'normal' life state-side. However, each time I go home and as each new family baby is born, it hits me harder.
This time was no different.
When I was at the hospital holding that little sisters hand when she was in labor and my dad calls me to tell me he is downstairs waiting to take me to the airport and we have to leave or I will miss my flight. It is in those moments when the questions really come 'of God is it at all worth it what we are doing?'
As I was picking up my bag to leave the hospital room and giving my sister one last kiss and encouragement to how well she was doing I heard the nurse say "alright everyone, we are about to have a BABY!" About 15 minutes after I left for the airport Kaden Luca Collins was born. He was born healthy, and from all reports happy.
 Today I was studying a few books and they were speaking of sacrifice and being a follower of Jesus that is willing to give up what we want, what we feel like we would be desperate without and turn to follow where Jesus has called us. I realized then, that it was not about money, things, or places that I felt the deep sacrifice (while I like all of those things just fine) it was in the relationships, the family, the friends that are family that I leave behind each time I leave 'home'.
I know this is not only just my sacrifice either, my family misses me. I am so incredibly blessed to have family, friends, and support team that deeply cares for us and would rather us around then be 'out here'.
I wish I felt deep conviction all the time day and night that what we are doing is right, right now however, it is a choice to believe what God has for us here, it is a choice to trust that we are where we need to be because we have followed Jesus to this point.
 We have come back to a team that is doing so incredibly well we could not have imagined it any better! Mike and Nicole Zins are leaders and initiators in their own right and we are privileged to have them on our team.
 This is a little bit of a scattered update to ask for prayer I suppose.

  • Mike and Nicole taking up their new roles as national coordinators 
  • For Oliver and I to maintain and grow in the faith it takes to follow Jesus fully
  • Our International team in Cape Town is working with street kids using arts + creativity as their medium
  • The girls in our S-Cape home in Cape Town
  • Wisdom as leaders for Oliver and I
Love and Blessing from Chiang Mai!
Kimberly + Oliver

The vision of Justice ACTs International is to find solutions to issues of injustices; focusing primarily on Human Trafficking, but seeing the broader issues in all spheres of society. We are involved in three areas of counter-Human Trafficking: prevention, intervention, and aftercare of under aged victims of human trafficking.
We strive to have teams using their gifts and passions to help bring solutions, healing, and justice to dark places in this world. We strive to bring solutions, healing, and justice to dark places in this world by using the gifts and passion’s of our team.
We invite you to explore the individual team websites the individual team websites to gain a fuller understanding of their global work to promote Justice.
Go to to read more!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Three weeks of separation…

Oliver and I have always known there may be times we have to be a part to do everything we think about doing. The idea of time a part is not ideal, but we knew we could handle it, even thinking that in future it could get easier.
 Being a part is so hard!
However, that being said, we are so thankful for what is about to happen in each other’s life.
I (Kimberly) am right now in Korea awaiting my next leg of my journey to the US to be with my cousin and my sister who both have new BABIES!!
Oliver is at the Chinese embassy getting his visa sorted so he can do what he knows God has called him to.
Oliver is an amazing man. I am so thankful (most days) for his passion, creativity, intelligence, grace, and forgiveness he shows to everyone around him.
Another thing I love about the man I am vowed to for life is his passion for adventure and seeking God in the hard things.
Oliver has a friend from University who is Mongolian. His friend is the son of one of the very first Christians recorded in Mongolia. In church society and culturally this puts a lot of pressure (real or felt) on him. Oliver feels like God has asked to go and be an encouragement.
 To stand with his friend, knowing that in Christ they are brothers, and in Christ two is better then one J
Mongolia is -30 F right now. COLD!!! It will be a rough travel through Thailand, Laos, and China into Central Mongolia to get there. Although this kind of travel is totally Oliver’s thing, it will still be rough.
Oliver went to war-torn Congo last year in August and I learned an incredibly important lesson (or at least started to), that Oilver is God’s. I am his wife and that is a sacred covenant, but in an eternal perspective he does not belong to me, and our life together is not dedicated to doing as we please, but rather serving the God who is creator and sustainer of life; my lesson being to trust my God with my husbands life/safety/security/health to that God.
 I am writing this in explanation of needing and asking for prayer. Prayer for Oliver, and prayer as a wife to summit my desire to be in control, to have my husband ‘safe’ (I think that is a relative term in our line of work), to summit myself to God’s desire to have Oliver trek up to Mongolia in the service of a friend.
Thank you friends, family, and partners!
Prayer points:
-Oliver’s safety
-Visa’s/border crossing
-jet-leg (11 hour difference from Thailand to West coast USA time)
-Getting to not only see everyone in the states, but get quality time in my relationships in Portland

Monday, January 21, 2013

Justice ACTs Thailand Vision

Justice ACTs Thailand
Justice Prevents
A working group of Justice ACTs International

Justice ACTs Thailand exists to help serve and resource local individuals and communities in Thailand to be active participants in bringing prevention of Human Trafficking and exploitation of individuals by giving them the training, resources, or opportunities to do prevention holistically.

It is estimated 80% of domestic trafficking victims originate from the Isaan region and are brought into larger Thai cities in hopes of finding jobs that will provide for their families. The push towards larger cities is due to a limited and unstable local economy, which drives the victims to seek jobs in unfamiliar parts of the country such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Pukhet, and other large cities.
Culturally a large brunt of the financial responsibility rests with the young girls starting at the age of 15. In this honor shame based society, providing for ones family is of the highest honor. However, with poor education, no jobs skills training, and little or no connection to these big cities, it leaves these girls extremely vulnerable to exploitation of varying kinds.

Justice ACTs Thailand Response:

2 year vision:
Target group:
Isaan region girls between the ages of 15-25 years old
Coordinated and Collaborated effort:
The goal would be to create systems and partnerships, that when put into effect, will allow Thai businesses in response to their social responsibility to employ these girls with paid internships. Thus giving these girls not only job skills, but careers that will benefit them, their families, and create new connections that will allow the next generation to be connected into safe and fair jobs.
When these girls are brought into the big cities, there will be mentors outside of the businesses that will help them to acclimate to the larger cities while also providing a sense of community that will keep these girls continually safe from exploitation.
We will be working with several NGO’s and Non-Profits in and around the Isaan area who specialize working with at-risk girls. Through their relationships and our systems of evaluation, we will plug the most at-risk girls into our database of Thai businesses.

20 year Justice ACTs Thailand vision:
Creating jobs outside of the Isaan area is an important step to help staunch the flow of exploited girls into the big cities. However, why these girls are exploited is a complex and vast issue.
The most obvious reasons are poor education, lack of a stable economy in their area, and no jobs skills training. Justice ACTs Thailand’s long term vision is to see different economic opportunities be brought into the Isaan area, and to train girls, boys, men, and women to have long lasting, fair, and sustainable careers that will allow them to provide for themselves and their families, creating a more healthy society.

Friday, January 18, 2013

"Never doubt what a small number of Spirit-filled, prayerful people, united in heart and vision, can achieve."

Justice ACTs Thailand

"Never doubt what a small number of Spirit-filled, prayerful people, united in heart and vision, can achieve."

We came to Thailand three years ago with no vision for this place, we thought it was just a Business school that brought us here. I came to get away from all things counter-trafficking, I felt I needed a break from the life of heart break and crime. God had other plans; He re-ignited my passion for these Women and girls and specifically for the Isaan people.
 It took only a short while before I was asked to speak about trafficking globally, and from there we were introduced to the Isaan people and how 80-85% of domestic trafficking and exploitation were sourced from this one impoverished area.
Now, three years later we are here once more, but this time with a team and a vision. We feel that each day we are here, the vision is becoming more and more clear, and with it our hope and confidence is rising in us, that God really truly wants to do something great. That His plans are our plans, and together with passion we can begin to do something about the brokenness and cycles of hurt we see.
 Please stand with us in prayer as we continue to settle our team here, and begin the work in Thailand we know we are called to.
-Kimberly & Oliver

Friday, December 28, 2012

12 days until Justice ACTs Thailand!

Dear Friends and Family,
 We are heading to Thailand in just a few short days! We fly out of Cape Town on January 9th and begin our 20 hour journey (via Ethopia) to Bangkok! This dream started almost three years ago on my first (Olivers second) trip to Thailand. I was there because I was doing a school focusing on business as mission and Oliver was there to sweep me off my feet (it worked). 
 While I was there for those few months, I was asked to speak on Human Trafficking. Although I was not much informed on Trafficking specifically to Thailand they had asked me for a global perspective. After the conference many people came up to me asking questions, but one man in particular came up to me, not to ask me questions but to tell me a story. It was the story of the Isaan people. A group of people made up of minority peoples in North East Thailand. A place that had very little economy, poor education, and no jobs skills training. As the story begun to unfold it told of a society that knowingly brought their girls into harms way. 
 Culturally when you are 15 years old and a girl you are financially responsible for your family. With little education and no jobs skills training the only commodity these girl have to make money is their bodies which they use in the bigger cities, selling themselves to as many men a night so they can sending almost every Thai Baht (their currency) back home so their parents can live in relative luxury.  
 God spoke to Oliver and I over that time making it clear He Himself wanted to see change and He wanted us (Justice ACTs International) to be a part of that change. We begun our work with connecting, meeting people, seeing what was already happening and were surprised by the answer of very little. 
God has big visions for this rural area in NE Thailand and we are still discovering what that means. Our little team started with a skype date to my friend Nicole and has grown to her and her husband preparing to move in a few short days to Thailand to head up our coordinated effort in Thailand. 
 We have been working on a prevention program specific for the Isaan area that we hope will grown into a full network and eventually a growing economy in that area and building into families to cut off the roots of these issues. This is how we feel God has called us to play our part in Discipling this area.  
 Please scroll up. Above is a picture of a 8 year old girl from an Isaan village. She has 7 more years until she is eligible and likely to be sent to a big city to find work. 
She is not going to school. She will not receive jobs skills training. She is at risk for being abused and exploited. 
 This is a huge issue that will not be dealt with overnight, but we ask that you stand with us and our team to be a part of the solution. To be a part of what God wants in this place, to bring His will the Isaan region. 
 We will be updating as well go. A part from a two week quick trip to the states for me (Kimberly) and a pastoral care trip for Oliver to Mongolia, we will be in Thailand until March setting up and preparing the team to handle things on their own. 
 We are so thankful for Mike and Nicole and they gear up to do some amazing things! Please be praying for them as they prepare, for us as we get ready, and for the Isaan people that their hearts will be ready to receive the freedom we know God wants them to have!!

Love and blessing from Cape Town,
 Oliver + Kimberly