Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thailand/China/America update

The last few weeks we as a couple have been EVERYWHERE!
Oliver spent the last few weeks up, around, and through China, while I went back to the states to spend time with my sister in her last weeks of pregnancy and put on what we called a 'justice event'!
 Oliver will update himself on how China went, but as to my time in the States, it was incredible!
I did not get to see everyone I wanted to see by a landslide, but what I did get was lots of time with my family. I don't think I had had that much concentrated family time in a long time, and I loved (almost) every minute of it!
 There are downsides of going to the states though, it reminds me of the things/people I give up to be out here doing what we do. I must be easily distracted because it's only once in a while I have a really sad day of missing my family, hanging out with the, and living 'normal' life state-side. However, each time I go home and as each new family baby is born, it hits me harder.
This time was no different.
When I was at the hospital holding that little sisters hand when she was in labor and my dad calls me to tell me he is downstairs waiting to take me to the airport and we have to leave or I will miss my flight. It is in those moments when the questions really come 'of God is it at all worth it what we are doing?'
As I was picking up my bag to leave the hospital room and giving my sister one last kiss and encouragement to how well she was doing I heard the nurse say "alright everyone, we are about to have a BABY!" About 15 minutes after I left for the airport Kaden Luca Collins was born. He was born healthy, and from all reports happy.
 Today I was studying a few books and they were speaking of sacrifice and being a follower of Jesus that is willing to give up what we want, what we feel like we would be desperate without and turn to follow where Jesus has called us. I realized then, that it was not about money, things, or places that I felt the deep sacrifice (while I like all of those things just fine) it was in the relationships, the family, the friends that are family that I leave behind each time I leave 'home'.
I know this is not only just my sacrifice either, my family misses me. I am so incredibly blessed to have family, friends, and support team that deeply cares for us and would rather us around then be 'out here'.
I wish I felt deep conviction all the time day and night that what we are doing is right, right now however, it is a choice to believe what God has for us here, it is a choice to trust that we are where we need to be because we have followed Jesus to this point.
 We have come back to a team that is doing so incredibly well we could not have imagined it any better! Mike and Nicole Zins are leaders and initiators in their own right and we are privileged to have them on our team.
 This is a little bit of a scattered update to ask for prayer I suppose.

  • Mike and Nicole taking up their new roles as national coordinators 
  • For Oliver and I to maintain and grow in the faith it takes to follow Jesus fully
  • Our International team in Cape Town is working with street kids using arts + creativity as their medium
  • The girls in our S-Cape home in Cape Town
  • Wisdom as leaders for Oliver and I
Love and Blessing from Chiang Mai!
Kimberly + Oliver

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